Facebook Ads Bootcamp For Final Expense Agents by Josh Monen

Facebook Ads Bootcamp For Final Expense Agents

Facebook Ads Bootcamp For Final Expense Agents

After You Complete This Training You Will:

  • Be Able To Generate Your Own Final Expense Facebook Leads!
  • No Longer Be Dependent On Lead Vendors Ever Again!
  • Get the Exact Video Scripts & Ad Copy that’s Produced $8 Leads!
  • Have a Step-by-Step Blueprint To Create and Manage Your Ads!

What's included?

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MODULE 1: Facebook Lead Ads 101
Course Overview and Welcome Video
How to Get the Most Out of this Course
Organic Social Media vs Paid Social Media
The 3 Main Components of Facebook Ads
MODULE 2: Laying A Solid Foundation
Understanding Profiles, Business Pages & Ad Accounts
Facebook Ads Manager vs Facebook Business Manager
How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page
How To Create Cover Image & Profile Photo
How to Setup Biz Manager
Billing Overview
MODULE 3: Lay of the Land: 30,000 Foot View
Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads
Location and Placements
Budgets, Bid Strategies, Scheduling
Reporting & Key Metrics
MODULE 4: How To Make 1-Minute Videos
Facebook Video Ads 101
Script Writing & Overview of Script Swipe File
How to Make Hand Drawn Videos
How to Make Slideshow Videos
How to Make Explainer Videos
How To Add Voiceover
Word Doc - FE Lead Gen _What Cost More_ Script [Template]
637 KB
PDF - FE Lead Gen _Did You Know_ Script [Template]
155 KB
PDF - FE Lead Gen _What Cost More_ Script [Template]
188 KB
Word Doc - FE Lead Gen _Did You Know_ Script [Template]
448 KB
Hand-drawn Video [What Costs More?]
Whiteboard Animation [What Costs More]
Slideshow Video [Did you know?]
Hand Drawn Video [Did you know?]
MODULE 5: Copywriting that Converts
Why Copy Matters (Even for Video Ads)
Understanding the Different Copy Sections
Lessons from the Winning Control
Lessons from the Losing Ads (What to Avoid)
Copywriting Tips and Tricks
MODULE 6: Create Lead Forms that Convert
Facebook Lead Forms 101
How To Create Lead Forms
How to Create a Privacy Policy
MODULE 7: How To Set Up Your First A/B Lead Gen Campaign
Split-Test Campaign Overview
How to Set Up Your Split-Test Lead Gen Campaign
MODULE 8: Automated Emails and Text Messages
3 Ways to Access Your Facebook Leads
How to Set Up New Lead Email Notifications
How To Send Quote Confirmation Emails in Zapier
Setting Up Text Notifications in Zapier
MODULE 9: How To Manage and Optimize Your Campaigns
Becoming a Data Driven Marketer
Business Metrics
Campaign Metrics
5 Tips For Testing Facebook Ads
MODULE 10: Facebook Lead Ads: FAQ
Facebook Ads FAQs
Scripts, Videos, Swipe Files
Hand Drawn Video [Did you know?]
Slideshow Video [Did you know?]
Script [Did you know?] Word Doc
448 KB
Script [Did you know?] PDF
155 KB
Explainer Video [What Costs More?]
Hand-drawn Video [What Costs More?]
Script [What Costs More?] Word Doc
637 KB
Script [What Costs More?] PDF
188 KB
Facebook Ad Swipe File


What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds on this. All sales are final. The reason for this is because I don’t want agents buying this, swiping all the ads, scripts and processes and then requesting a refund. That’s not fair to everyone else who paid for it. So sorry, but no refunds.

Will this work for local leads and statewide lead campaigns?

Yes. We’ve ran both. The statewide ones are usually cheaper. However, we’ve gotten less than $8 per lead on local campaigns too but it’s uncommon.

What format is the course delivered in?

Most the modules are video lesson. There are also text lessons when appropriate. 

How do I get access to the documented processed and checklists?

When you sign up you’ll be given the private link to the Processes Folder in our Google Drive account. We ask that you don’t share this with anyone outside your immediate team.

I still have questions, who can I email?